My major gripe with the NPC's

For the 13 hours I’ve played of this game, I’ve loved about half of it so far. one almost one whole half is due to me never playing an ARPG souls like in my life, but a fair bit of that half is due to the NPC’s.

there is a thing about the NPC’s that you simply walk past that really gets on my nerves. they always say the same thing. every time. without fail. and it is a problem if you have to go back and forth through sanctum or if you keep dying a bunch and need to pass by an NPC to get to the same area.

my most note worthy experience was when i was still new to the game: i kept dying to the monster in the war room. but i didn’t give up for a while. i was being too offensive, didn’t know when to back off, and was trying to parry every single attack. and i absolutely refused to dodge. every single time i passed by that one large area to get to the war room, the lady would start shouting “THEY WILL CLEANSE THIS SSIICKENED ISLAND!!!” (i know it’s not the exact voice line) and it didn’t take long before i was properly annoyed, and then down right infuriated. i stopped fighting the monster in the war room because of it. i couldn’t stand listening to that SAME VOICE LINE every single time.

a simple fix would be to make NPC voice lines as you pass by them more rare. like, the NPCs don’t NEED to say something when you pass by. they could just say nothing, and that would be totally fine. variety in dialog that is said would also be good, though i recognize that that option is 100x harder due to having to get people to come up with voice lines, and then get other people to say them, and then put them in the game, and so on and so on. it would just be easier to make the NPC’s just not talk as much for now.