My feedback after 10h

Hey here’s just a list of what i dont like on the game :

-30 fps at low setting with big drop is just unplayable, i think it would be good to be able to disable/reduce some visual part (like water reflect, particle ,fire quality,etc) because having just an overall quality setting feel kinda weak
-you cant pause the game … i dont know what to say about this like why?
-parrying is a bit too punitive, going for parry instead of dodging is rarely a good choice
-when i fight i feel like enemy easily cancel my animation and i cant move/attack for a short time after being hurt but i dont feel like enemy have this “issue” when i attack then (depend on the enemy and the weapon i use, so idk maybe its just me)
-feel like enemy predict my move like i dodge as soon as i see an attack animation, but the enemy still hit me by changing is direction, feel like when the attack animation start it doesn’t end where it was supposed to (maybe i dodge too early idk still feel frustrating)

That all for the negative point for me, honestly the only one that really has a big impact is the performance that’s a huge drawback for me to enjoy the game, the rest is probably just skill issue xD. Away from those, i love the game and i hope that it will grow and become even better than what it already is.