Feedback after 6 Hours

1)First and foremost, the player attacks where the cursor is, he should attack where he is facing if the left click is for attack. (as we are not using the mouse for navigation it should not have a directional attack based on where the pointer is)
2)Parry system is punishing, you’ve to be too damn accurate, and each enemy sometimes takes time, and swings in an unusual pattern, everyone doesn’t wish to learn each enemies attack dies a few times and does it, then it’s like repeat till u learn the full set and then beat it.
3) The character even when not heavy feels very heavy, the early game stamina is so bad, that you attack a combo jump and ur done.(maybe i did not see difficulty level anywhere)
4)The game should progressively get interesting and tough, I believe it is too punishing from the start.( I am not a hardcore player, but what about a casual player base?)