Multiple items being deleted when only one selected

I got a clothing item that I already had and was wearing, so I tried to destroy the new clothing item but it and the one I was wearing both got destroyed. It has happened multiple times and I am not sure if it is some setting I’m missing or if it is a bug.


Here to second this. I had a white head piece in my inventory. Picked up a purple version of the same head piece. Deleted the white one to make room in my inventory, and it deleted the purple one along with it, all in one button press with no prompt. Tested it out with a sword that i had 3 of that I didn’t care about, and the same thing happened

This has happened to me as well

Best to just keep whatever you find in a chest and be careful what you discard. Wouldnt even try to sell stuff you have duplicates of it might have the same effect and sell your purple as well.