Discarding / destroying an item from inventory deletes several at once

If I have two items in my inventory that have the same name, and I have one with better stats or mods, so I decide to discard the lesser worthy of the two. After I do this, the game destroys both items. It happens consistently. If I have multiple with the same name, it’ll destroy them all instead of just the one I have highlighted.

Video clip I took where I pick up a shield, and destroy one but then both get removed at the same time:


I’m getting the exact same issue, its happened to me a quite a few times now

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Have experienced this multiple times myself and reproduced it, though I don’t have videos or pictures of it. Hopefully OP can get their video to work.

If two items share the same name, all copies (including those equipped on your ragdoll) are deleted when you discard an item.

Support docs:

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same happens if you try to delete an equipped tool (like a shovel); any shovels in your inventory of the same type are deleted

It seems related to the item name, it happens with every item. If you own multiple items with the same name (not category or type) by destroying one will destroy every copy.

Lel they used item names instead of ids.