Equipment vanishing

Hello! I have been playing the game since early access. The problem I am about to talk about occured today, before that, there was no such issue. I have been playing through the Cerim crucible, farming up better gear and I was almost decked out with gear fitting my playstyle perfectly (cursed gear with health regeneration on 3 of my armor slots), when suddenly, I open my inventory due to not enough space fo new items when I saw that one of my health regen items was gone. I felt a bit sour but thought I might have deleted it by mistake, although that is very unlikely. Fast forward 15 or so minutes later and I see that another one of my items is gone, this time for sure I had nothing to do with it. And before anyone suggests that the items broke or something I will say that I repair pretty much after each crucible run while I also sell items, and there was no indication that any item was close to breaking. Please, I am begging you to look into this if it is some kind of bug, because it makes the game unfair and unplayable for me. I put so many hours to find these item for them to just vanish into thin air. I already feel very disheartened and will not play the game for several days or until I am sure there are no bugs like this.

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