Mouse/Keyboard Feels so Weird

I never played game with mouse/keyboard that feels this weird.
I love everything so far but moving in this game is just weird and awkward for the fingers. So my main movement is:
little finger on shift for running
thumb on space for dodging
I never played a game with focusing on this 2 fingers so its ultra weird.

Sekiro was like that. Most of third person games like Tomb Raider etc. is like that so that is absolutely fine. 100% of the FPS shooters are like that.

The weird things here come that you don’t turn with the mouse - meaning you can not fine-turn easy and also the major issue you constantly miss attacks and turn in the wrong directions, since your mouse is pointing at the other side and not where you are facing.

The developers need to play their games with mouse and keyboard once a week for 30 minutes and we would not have this problems. The lack of keybinds changes is only have the problem currently.

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By the way, have you noticed that in the game’s control settings there is an item “use alternative scheme” (I apologize if the translation is wrong) Including which you will move with the mouse pcm where you click mouse pcm, that’s interesting too.
And by the way another setting in “General Settings” - “Auto Target Enemies”, which I have not tested yet.
But in general, yes, on the first sensations to play with a controller is better.

Wow, I didn’t realize this. Will try that out1