Mora's Bloom Platforming

The platforming section for the potions master quest is probably gonna be harder than any boss in the game at this point. The depth perception and collision on the fade-in platforms feels way too precise for how much the camera angle throws it off.

I mean.
It’s a skill issue.
But considering the consequence of death, my gear is broken from trying to leave this dungeon.
Yer man said I’d see God, and you know what, he kept his promise!

Yeah, this is rough. I’m on about attempt number 10. Most of my deaths have been to my character diving off the platform in a direction I didn’t mean them to go.

It’s one thing to miss a jump, but I don’t feel like I have much control over when and where I jump when I’m not pressing a button to jump.

edit: Yeah, just broke all of my gear before I made it to the end, too. So now I get to backtrack out of the cave, all the way back to the blacksmith, before coming back and trying again? That’s not fun, or even hard. Just tedious.

I was thankfully able to do it after posting this. Just like how I complained about not being able to beat Darak, only to win right after. Typical XD

But yeah, the hitboxes on the platforms need to be sorted, and durability seriously needs to be toned down.

I got it eventually, too. I just didn’t have much fun doing it, since the deaths didn’t feel particularly fair.

I did have to run back and repair once. I didn’t think it made attempts more difficult or more engaging. Just an extra roadblock preventing me from trying again.

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I did a post about durability a little bit ago, I really think that it goes against the whole “die and try again” mentality of these types of games. Even in a successful boss attempt I lost 15 durability on my sword and shield, which is insane.