Monk Walkthrough

I completed the game entirely with my fists (I did pick up a shield towards the middle) and I really had fun. The only thing that upset me is that the damage with fists is not improved in any way by the characteristics; you can make at least 10 points in strength increase the damage by 1. This is not much, but it would be a nice bonus.
And the game sometimes sets my ass on fire, but only because I created difficulties for myself. I’m really looking forward to further updates and releases.


Nice, I’ve kind of wanted to do that but found no way to increase fist damage. Hopefully they add either fist weapons or allow some gloves to provide extra fist damage and/or the ability to apply greases to your fist. Applying plague or frost via your knuckles would be fun.


yeah, indeed, it would be cool if there were some kind of weapon for fists

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Fiest weapon type is definitely a must have.

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