Bare Handed Combat

    I love the combat in this game, and I love when games make bare handed combat fun.

This game does just that, but the only issues I am personally finding is:

  1. The beginning of the game is almost easier with no weapon at all than using a weapon.

  2. The game doesn’t seem to show your “damage” because when bare handed it says “0”, that leads me to think it means “weapon damage”.

  3. Your fists seem to be easier because they have almost ZERO!? startup, where as every other weapon takes almost 1-2 seconds to complete the first swing. (i understand that is due to how the “Dodge => Combo” system works)

    I would honestly think it would enrich the games combat if a “monk” build was viable and treated the fists as an actual option by:
    ,1. Showing what the players damage would be without a weapon equipped.
    ,2. Having rings, enchantments, shields and gloves that affect bare handed damage.
    ,3. Reducing the damage and stun build up that the players fists do, and in turn reduce the stamina and increase the build up time for the first swing.
    ,4. Adding additional runes when bare fisted.
    (I understand that suggestions 3 and 4 could be in the game and i havent reached a point that those options start appearing.)

Edit: I think a good way to prevent people from being able to have the pros of wearing max armor and a shield, whilst being able to maneuver easily due to not having a full weight weapon, would be to add some modifier tied to weight into damage conversion. e.g. bare handed modifiers/damage would do more with less total equip load, and the reverse.

Thank you in advance for reading and hopefully considering this suggested change into the game.


Brass Knuckles, Spiked Gloves, etc, could constitute the fists weapon type, in order to still be able to use runes and the like, while still allow players to chose that style.

I’m willing to bet that they are probably one of the weapon types that are still to be instituted.


Really hope this gets implemented, the animations for fist fights were pretty awesome


I just punched the the first Boss to Death and it felt great! Will see how far i can go. Anyone did some testing if there are things that affect Barehanded Damage?
In terms of runes we can now use Torches.

I recently saw a YT video of someone testing if you can beat the game barehanded. Not sure how much of bare-knuckle fighting he actually did in the end, but at least he’s showing some combat vs the bosses and the Echo Knight.

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Cool i will look for it :+1:

Now that I know a little bit more about this game. I totally agree. I have just cleared out the Nameless Pass as bare handed with zero armor and zero levels (no stat points allocated).

I’m just fooling around but really feel like the best weapon the game gives you start out with is bare handed combat because it doesn’t costs very little stamina. All other weapons cost more stamina and they are slower.

However, without some kind of scaling on bare handed combat, it won’t be possible to beat most bosses. It’s an herculean effort to chop down those health bars as it stands right now.