Fists Only/Weaponless

My first question is: What is the scaling stat of fists in this game? I know it’s not optimal. Especially not at this time, but when I learned that I can suplex as the backstab for this game that’s been my primary combat goal. However upon leveling up I cannot ascertain what stat scales fists.

And my suggestion is to have something that indicates what stat scales fists (if any) and if that isn’t an intended gameplay feature please let it be one! You animated this suplex so fluidly and fun, I just really want the fists skill tree and abilities to be a bunch of wrestling moves now.


It would be amazing to have a fist weapons like knuckles. Hope the devs add this


I would like to add my voice to the request for an understanding of what stat scales fists.

Or at the very least, it would be nice to have fist weapons. The moveset is already there, and I really like it. I just wish there was a weapon to gem up and upgrade like everything else. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. It could just be a worn pair of gloves. Though, I’ve always been partial to the Souls series’ Caestus.

Thank you.


I completely agree. I think the empty handed action system in the game is very good. If it’s a pity, I hope to add some empty handed rune skills or boxing weapons.


Fists r so satisfying to play with, unfourtanatly i dont think they actually havr a scaling stat. But every nrw character i make i use fists until i get to the city.

Should be easy to test? Start new character, fist crabs, level up a stat, see if it changes. If not, respec, rinse, repeat.

Maybe i’ll do it, should i get bored (some holiday and long weekend ahead)

So much testing I want to do but I’m too lazy to find enemies to do it, I’m waiting on that training dummy to work

maybe i’ll test it on the shallows crabs. After all we can create infinite realms and try on starting enemies without shields.

Speaking of which, do we actually have multiple realms? Has anyone ever tested, if having 69 realms crashes your game and deletes you steam library?

… sorry for off topic lol