Melee Weapon Move Sets

I have 32 hours in the game so far, and I noticed that weapons within the same class can have different move sets in their combo sequence.

For example, I have three two-handed staffs equipped on my mage.

Staff 1 starts with a swing, then a thrust, and then a two-hit twirl.

Staff 2 begins with a thrust, then a two-hit twirl, and then another two-hit twirl.

Staff 3 starts with a swing, then a twirl, then another twirl, and finally a big swing at the end (it’s the only staff I’ve used that has a four-hit sequence).

Given that timing, position, and execution are so critical to success in melee combat, I feel like one of two things need to be implemented in order for the gameplay to be consistent:


(1) All weapons within the same class have the same sequence of attacks. Ideally the first attack in a sequence should be the fastest - similar to a boxer testing his opponent with a jab, and then committing to an aggressive follow-up if it breaks through. Or,

(2) Attacks in a weapon’s combo sequence should be customizable, so that I can have the exact attack sequence I want on my preferred weapon. This is especially important since my spells are hardbound to my staffs. It’s a pain having to use one staff for spells, and then having to switch to another for its better melee combo.

I’m providing this feedback not only as a lifelong gamer, but also as a lifelong practitioner of martial arts. I understand and appreciate what the devs are going for in this game. To really nail the feel of skill-based combat, everything about the game must emphasize deliberate planning on the part of the player, including equipment capabilities.


The fact that every single weapon has different moveset is what makes the combat beautiful. The fact that every single weapon fits different playstyle and fits different people is what makes this beautiful. And you want to take it away/dumb down. Also, if you prefer one type of staff like you have said, you can extract runes from staves you don’t like and place them in the one you like.


I mean for me this just makes it so that you should try out the weapon and experiment with combos. The amount of effort and detail that goes into all these weapon animations is insane and I def don’t want to lose that.

Maybe some sort of name to denote the sub-type of staff could be helpful, if that isn’t already the case


I feel you. I would definitely prefer option (2) from my suggestions above, that way we can keep the stellar animations while still maintaining strategic control of our characters.

The problem in my case is that I am playing a mage. My particular challenges are:

(1) Weapon drops for my chosen career are rare, and all of my spell abilities are bound to them.

(2) Melee combat is the only renewable way to rapidly generate the focus to power my spells (potions run out and take time to drink). But a mage is a glass cannon. Melee is especially dangerous for me, so I need even more precise control over melee than a warrior with the HP and Poise to tank a few hits.

I don’t want to take anything away. I want more control over what’s already there. There’s no reason why two identical-looking sticks should have different swing sequences. If I’m the one swinging it, I should be able to decide how. Sort of like the way the game Godhand let you build your character’s combo.

For me it’s not as easy as extracting Runes. A staff that has a good melee combo will already have two Runes on it. What if I don’t like those Runes? As it stands, I can’t remove Runes without destroying the staff and it’s melee move set.

I just want to have full control over my character, so that when I die in battle it’s entirely my fault, rather than due to limitations of the game’s design.

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That makes sense.

In general would love to see the ability to flesh out your core combo kit more. Maybe that starts with choosing combo style and then adding more. Would love to see some delayed input combos in the game like the first dragons dogma, DmC or the recent god of wars

Personally I love the variation in movesets; excited to equip a new weapon and figure out its basic/running/rolling/charging sequences. I think the primary problem is inability to replace runes, particularly with staves where 2/4 are generally taken.

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I actually quit like the current system if i don’t like a moveset but want to play the weapon class i can tey out different weapons and see what moveset i prefer i understand it can be frustrating if you find a weapon with good stats that would like to use but the moveset is just not what flows with you jad the same thing with the claymore i got as my first weapon the overhead swing is nice but i much rather had a heavy overhead as charged attack and wide swings as my normal combo

I think the primary problem is the fact you can’t equip / try items before you have the required stats.

In the current version, how do you know if you’ll like the moveset and should indeed spend your next 3 levels’ stats to spec into this weapon?
That’s a HUGE investment for something you know almost nothing about…

Agreed they should let us equip weapons we don’t have the stats for nust make them gain 0 focus and reduce the damage by 75% that way its still heavily discouraged to use weapons we dont have stats for but enables us to try the moveset

I would have them gain focus so you can try their special moves too, but those moves should also have significantly reduced damage.
Eg I found a staff with lightning skills, I want to see the range on that before committing to the massive investment required for it

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I mean… Additionally to solve the whole issue without changing anything would simply be a “training ground” inside are a few dummy’s and you have no restrictions on what you can use ie. Unlimited stamina/focus so you can test out the weapon
(Maybe not unlimited stamina but unlimited focus would already be enough)


Yeah that’d be great. Not unlimited stamina though, since then you wouldn’t be able to see how much stamina the weapon attacks cost

Yeah i kinda noticed that flaw after i typed it xD