Weapon move sets: You should be able to test them out

In this game, all weapons cannot be wielded unless you fulfill the stat requirements. I think this is an utter missed opportunity given how ALL weapons, even within the same weapon type/category, have varied move sets.

In Soulsborne series, you can still wield them and check the attack animations even with lower stats, and understandably they would not put out any meaningful damage in return. Any soulsborne/souls-like enjoyers will agree that having discovered certain move sets in a particular weapon will often urge the player to adjust their stats or even create a build dedicated to that weapon. Again, with this game having different move sets for every individual weapon, you are criminally missing a damn good opportunity to hook players to set goals in their journey that they can work towards.

I was shocked how several two-handed greatswords that I’ve tested all had different movesets. Some were subtle differences, others drastic.

Comparing the Claymore and the Corpse-Smeared still kept me unsuspecting since one is a legendary grade weapon, so it would seem natural to have move sets different from “normal” ones. Then later on, I ran into Festering Earth during a Crucible run, and I tried it out. It surprised me that the first swing was slightly, but noticeably, different from the Claymore, and that got me wondering. I had two other str/int required greatswords so I went through the trouble of lvling up a new character (respeccing was not available at the time of this post), and tested them. It shocked me to discover that Blister was a fast, horizontally swinging greatsword, and Shattered Sun… OMG, you should see the 5-input combo for yourself.

At the moment, a certain Youtuber is diligently putting up videos of each weapon move sets, and they all look different. I don’t want to sound as if I’m endorsing someone, so I can’t mention the name of the channel. But it just goes to show the various possiblities this game can offer.

Devs, please consider having all weapons be available to wield regardless of the stats. Your love and care to make all weapon animations unique will make this change all the more meaningful!

PS: while on the subject of weapons, I feel the normal unenchanted equipment should drop more frequently in Crucible runs given how you still have to dice roll for favorable enchanted stats. It sucks having to rarely come by the specific ones you wanted, only to enchant them into useless scrap with no certainty of whether you’ll acquire them again any time soon.


I 100% agree to this!

You may be inclined to look at Thomas Mahler’s tweet.