Make the house more immersive and cooler

right now I think the house decoration and immersive feeling its missing.
so here are some ideas that i think can add to the housing for make it nicer.

  1. add eating animation and visual when you sit at table in your house with visual of the food with option of what to eat could be nice not necessary but still, I think will add to immersion of the game

  2. add option for lite up the candles of the candle holder’s variations (couldn’t find any way to do it if there is a way would love to know how)

  3. would love to see some carpet decorations in the home and curtain and maybe option to add some windows in the house as option of building project

  4. add feature of trophies that can be hanged on the walls of your house, and you can get them from enemies or some kind of ornament or some weapons that you like how they look, and you can mount them on the wall

  5. option to change the floor to other material like instead of wood to make the floor out of stone and this can be added as option of the building projects

  6. option to buy plants with pots to put inside the home for decoration

  7. many ppl lives inside a house with a pet I think this can be nice to add option to buy a dog or cat or maybe a bird and you can buy a bed or some kind of floor pillow for the dog or cat or cage for the bird.

thank you for reading and for your time happy gaming and best regards let me know what you think or if you have something to add that on your mind.


I’d say this is low priority but it would be awesome before v1.0 release

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I agree and please add mannequins so that we can display our armors!

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Slow down, first comes the important stuff :joy: