Level Design and things about quest

Hello developers, hello players,

I would like to discuss the map and daily quest system and give my thoughts on it. In my opinion it is important to point out that I do not speak English well but I try to. I’m really sorry if you don’t understand everything I’m going to say.

So let’s get back to our topic.

Regarding the exploration system, I remember approaching the game by telling myself that there would be no point in returning to the areas that I had already explored, however the quests of the potion seller and the rescue of the cook, quickly made me change my mind. After 25 hours of play on early access, I think it’s a great idea to introduce this kind of way of pushing the player to return to an area already explored, beyond unlocking new shops or new characters, these Quests bring back a secondary narrative and a way of exploring that is much more interesting than daily or weekly quests. In the same way, I wonder if the principle of secondary quests is exploited enough or if it would be better to favor this type of exploration and further multiply this system of secondary quests.