Latest update feedback, crashes and imrovements

I run the game content once when EA came out. Here’s what what changes and didn’t changed for me on my second run with latest patch.

What changed :

  • Game runs smoother the longer I play it.
  • Game crashes sometimes when starting with a character.
  • Game crashes sometimes when creating a character.
  • Character is temporarily stuck when getting out of a menu.
  • When exiting menus, if I try to walk or run right away, my character does not go in the intended direction for a second.
  • Had many more collectables spawned in the world. For example : First run I couldn’t find any tree to collect in the mines. In this run I have so many ressources I don’t know what to do with it.
  • Sound and music breaks less often.
  • Cinematics run smoother (but still not good enough). Problem is the only reason it is smoother is that it is rendered in lowest quality possible (textures and/or shaders not rendered at all or at very low res).
  • Game crashes almost on every launch, then loads properly on second try.
  • Game crashes randomly when loading any area. Just had a crash when going down the elevator of the Cerime Crucible (4th level).

Putting aside the random crashes, it’s an improvement on some QoL and performances but here’s what didn’t change (or got worse) :

  • Zones still takes forever to render properly, making me walk in the void for quite some time everytime I enter a new area from Sacrament.
  • Cinematics are still breaking when played. (Some improvements on cut-scenes though).
  • Fast travel still not fast at all, taking up to a minute of black screen when travelling from zone ends to Sacrament.
  • First minutes of playtime after loading a character is still laggy as hell (gets better with time, but it can take up to 15 minutes before gameplay gets smooth).
  • Still have no idea what runes do before buying and using them. (And sometimes I still can’t figure it out, like the thorn rune which I expected to reflect some damage but didn’t see any).
  • Sound still breaks when the system is loading enemies or level.

That’s everything I can gather at the top of my head but I probably missed some events. I’ll add more if it gets back to me.

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Curious what storage device your game is on?

I started playing since the last patch (50hrs) and haven’t experienced any of the issues the op listed aside from a single, 4 second freeze that rarely occurs during a play session.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600X
16gb RAM
NVidia RTX 4060 Ti
SSD hard drive

My SSD can only support my system, so I run the game on HDD. It explains a lot of performances issues but some are new compared to when I played the game originally. I had no crash at all during my first run. It is the most concerning to me as I don’t know what changed that cause this.
For the real time loading issues, I guess with an SSD it would be a lot better. Then again, I run a lot of heavy games on HDD with no issues at all. Maybe the technology is different or the game textures and models are a lot heavier than what it seems.
My GPU is a bit old (1060 6GB) but never failed me so far. I don’t expect this game to be harder to run than the Witcher III, God of War or BG3, all games I have absolutely no same problems at all when playing. But I may be wrong.

As far as my understanding go, performance issues are not the priority of the devs and I think it is a right choice to focus on the design. They made improvements that I can actually feel and see and I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand what minor issues I listed relates to which technicality.