Keyboard and mouse controls suggestions

Being a PC player, my main control source are keyboard and mouse.
Biggest issue for me now is that game is using Windows cursor, It would be nice if there was game cursor because Windows cursor feels like playing in windowed mode.
Second, not sure if someone already mentioned but it would be very nice if character direction, while playing in WASD configuration, would always face where mouse cursor is pointing and turn around with mouse direction.


The custom cursor is a MUST, and is not even just an aesthetic thing. Especially because your character attacks wherever the mouse is pointed at, and sometimes the Windows default cursor just get lost in the middle of combat and it takes a while to find it again.

If they had a custom cursor, it would also better indicate that the character would hit towards it, because I had to figure out mid session that my attacks were cursor oriented.


I thought it was me, so I deleted and reinstalled the game, but now I see that the developers didn’t even care to add a custom mouse cursor…

Yeah. the broken Wicked sword is an absolute must. I would make the fallen ember also pulsate and have some pulsating incandescence to enhance visibility. Ideally people might want to change colors too [let’s say i have a flaming sword and i decide i want to have the fallen ember purple, or green]

I would also make the cursor say at a fixed distance from the character. That way you could point in the direction of evasing manouver in a quicker easier way. Sometimes the mouse wonders on the edge of the screen and you need to suddenly to bring it back behind the pg