Just put 3 level of difficult (with the easy version)

why only one difficulty? not everyone have the time to spend for death 10 times in 1 hour of game. The game is amazing, but just put 3 level of difficulty: easy, medium, hard. In this way u can sell more copy of the game. thank you.


+1 to this.
I want to love the game, but I’m not skilled enough for soulslikes.
I liked Ori, so I instantly gave a chance to the new game of the studio.
But currently it is just too hard.
I’d love an option for noobs like me.


While I do think the damage of enemies needs to be reduced quite a bit, especially in the early game, I personally do not think the base difficulty needs to be changed all that much. I do think the balance of the different armor and weapon types needs to be looked at. The game seems to heavily favor low equip load and fast weapons to be able to dodge attacks and maneuver around enemies for counter attacks, especially those with shields. The parry system seems to be designed to be strictly more powerful than the dodge system, as it instantly staggers enemies. Unlike other souls games, though, the stagger affords no real benefit since it only gives you 1 or 2 seconds of an opening to smack them a few times whereas most souls like games allow you to do a powerful counterattack on staggered enemies every time, including bosses. This puts parrying in a weird position where it’s probably better in most cases to parry than to dodge, but the parry timing is very tight and the punishment for failing a parry is that you are probably going to get hit multiple times and die. This isn’t even mentioning the fact that the random enemy spawns can put you into a horrible position to do either dodging or parrying because 2 enemies with 2 different movesets that just happen to compliment each other but screw you over, can happen at any time.

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i like this idea. can do it like in Terraria where the difficulty setting is tied to the game world/realm.

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I’d love to see an easy mode. I’m a more casual player that has stayed away from “souls like” because of difficulty, but I couldn’t resist buying this. The art style and story of this game looks amazing so I’m giving it a chance. I’m already becoming frustrated with the difficulty of the first boss. I do like a little challenge, but this is like beating my head against a wall.


I’m level 5 and i can’t kill the first big boss of the introduction (100 tries). It is too hard.

This means I’m stuck and can’t get past the introduction. I don’t have the skills like most players. I hate the “souls like”.

I pay for a game to have fun and not to punish myself. I want to be refunded my payment.


I understand why some people want more difs but personally I dont really like the idea of it. And not because of elitism but because balancing takes time and recources - and challenging games like this are often balanced around a tight combat system that is finetuned for one intended difficulty. If you have too many difs you need to balance it would probably end up with at least two of them being halfassed.

The reason I like games that are difficult is not necessarily because of the challange but because their systems are very good and intentionally designed. Monster hunter, sekiro, darkest dungeon etc. There a reason most standart triple a action games have lukewarm and unsatisfying combat - their systems arent designed to hold up under pressure. So if you dilute that I would be afraid that the whole game might suffer because of it.

Id much rather have the devs focus all their intention on one setting and polish that as high as possible. Also no game is for every one, player taste will vary ^^


My 1 argument against this is that Metroidvania games generally don’t have difficulty options. You just play the games, and they tend to be considered difficult games. Ori & The Blind Forest launched with this, and it wasn’t until the definitive edition added 3 difficulty options and the game was received significantly better.

There’s nothing wrong with accessibility options so that the most people can enjoy something. Most games get around balancing difficult options by telling the player that “Normal” is the intended difficulty of the game. Easy by default is going to be unbalanced, as well as Hard. There’s really not a lot of balancing they need to do. It’s typically as easy as a % DMG buff to players and % DMG reduction to players. Mechanics usually don’t change, unless it’s a more complicated game with survival mechanics and stuff (Like the Metro series).

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is another good example of a souls-like game with difficulty options to basically make it as easy as you wanted, with the intended experience to be the highest difficulty setting.


I don’t think it is difficult to create more difficulty, just increase basic damage, defences etc.

Instead of a simple classic mode that is easy, normal, difficult, why not a “support mode” à la Dead Cells?
This mode offers a large number of options that can make the game almost too easy and yet it’s a die and retry. In any case, it allows all players to find what they are looking for.
A hardcore gamer doesn’t change a thing and enjoys the game as they see fit and a casual player won’t get frustrated and can enjoy the exploration and story.
And I think from a marketing point of view, it’s silly to deprive yourself of 90% of players who don’t necessarily have the time or the desire to spend hours on a single boss or to spend hours leveling up.

Honestly no game benefits from having multiple difficulty setting (maybe some but definitely not games like this) is very clear that the developers have a clear experience in mind the player should have and in many games a difficulty slider/settings hinders the intended experience so the balancing issues the game is not to hard by any means it all comes down to how willing you as a player are to interact with the different mechanics of the game and find YOUR way to progress