Just let devs know Linux worked fine and ... good job, game is fun

my pc HW spect:
i5-9400 (no OC)
asus rog strix b360-f gaming
kingston ddr4-2666 16G ram * 2 (no OC)
wd sn750 500G m2.2280 pcie
coolmaster mwe brone 450w v2
msi 1660ti ventus

Debian latest [bookworm] + cinnamon + latest Steam
launching game by default setting of steam
1080p + quality mode with xbox controller

everything worked fine and acceptable smooth thou need scale-down the display effect , and

moon studio intro video seems a little stuck/lag after launching

totally different playing experience compare to souls game. I believe this game will get its tremendous success …

thank you … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: