Bad Performance

Ive beaten the first boss rn and what i noticed are sadly the bad framerates i have hardware that exceeds your hardware requirements. but i cant even enjoy the game on medium settings. the game gets in bossfights under 60fps the parry window gets funky at that point. i have an 5900x and an 4070ti at 1080p. Btw. what do mean with dlss ? you want to implement an dlss framegen tool for the game that would help with the framerate. my cpus laughs his ass of wih 30% usage my gpu wents up at 100% (on max settings) and i use and custom windows that is optimized for gaming performance .your recommended hardware is and 3070ti and an 5800x3d. idk sadly i cant enjoy your game as much as i want remembers me back with lords of the fallen a good game with bad performance. I hope you get the performance right.