Is this Ladder in Nameless pass reachable?


Is the following ladder reachable in the current build? If yes anyone found from which direction should this be approached?

Nope, it’s probably part of some of other area- same for the cave S/W of that ladder.

This is a passage I’m not able to reach. As you can see there is a bridge we should be able to kick down, and the road seems to lead down to the watermill in the distance. You can see there are mobs so I don’t think it is a “not developed yet” area.
From the watermill wee should be able to kick down the ladder you are mentioning (see the screenshot).

This is the spot on the map.
That’s the ladder near the waterfall that you can see from the distance in my screen.

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it was accessible before but they put in a killzone for the way i got in there…

the picture preview is somehow broken but it takes you to a gallery of 3 pictures. imgur

cant go much further without getting instakilled by the invisible box^^

but there isn’t that much, 3 burnt down houses on top of a volcano, pretty casual stuff :wink:

Its was reachable from the top but there is a kill zone now u cant get there.

I’m already lvl 30 and I have never seen this area in the pictures…