Is the game going to feature loadouts?

Haven’t seen anything on Reddit, Youtube and Discord so I thought I’d ask.

Has there been any mention about the game having Loadouts for builds? It is advertised that each player will have a unique experience when doing a run so it would make sense to support loadouts since the game will support many playstyles.

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Bumping this so hopefully someone working on the game can see it. I am also interested to know.

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Do you mean, during character creation, selecting the barbarian with only a club, or the spell caster, or the holy warrior with a mace and shield?

From what I have seen in the demos, we all start off naked and washed ashore. It is then up to us to find weapons, level up, and allocate stat points into the stats we want to customize our characters as.

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I thought of the OP referring to loadouts that you, the player, can create and switch between on the fly outside of combat. Kind of like “saved builds” almost.

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That could be it, I was imagining starting stat differences, al la the souls games. We may need a better understanding of what OP means by loadouts.

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No I mean like build loadouts so that we are able to switch around.

I would love a move speed exploration build and a more fighter style single target DPS build for bosses. This kind of stuff.

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I did read or hear somewhere that the devs had ideas to let you have mannequins with gear loadouts on display in your house, so perhaps these could be ‘activated’ as well

We don’t have this feature yet and I’m not sure how I feel about it since your gear is so tightly connected to your stats.

But if people keep bringing it up, we’ll discuss it in our design syncs.