How are you going to handle multiple builds/characters?

From the gameplay, I can see myself making many different characters/builds. So with one central hub/house, is there a way to have multiple builds/characters, but they are using the same same house/chest?

Or how specifically do you plan to handle that?


Any info on this? Really excited for the 18th, 3 weeks seems so long though. :confused: However, answering our questions help the wait. :slight_smile:


I’ll try one more time to get an ‘official’ response to my question. If none, I’ll just have to wait a week to find out. lol :slight_smile:

Maybe only when multiplayer is released. Only then could other users enter your “helm”. With this I believe that you can have different characters on the same helm for exchanges.

Recently heard (feature not implemented in another game), how there is a player who wants several slots for characters: one for the main game, the other slots for the test weapons. In that game there was an unpleasant situation, additional slots are not added to the game, you have to buy the game again, because there is a binding to the account and character.
I remembered my story games, where there are different save slots for two characters or multiple difficulties.
Usually games have at least 3-5 save slots (you switch characters) where you have a pumped up mage on one slot, a swordsman on another, etc.
We’ll look forward to that in No Rest For the Wicked as well.
It’s also important to note that we need protection, meaning that a character slot can be deleted not in one click, but at least by another button, holding and confirming what you want to delete.
I’ve also encountered games in early access where save slots can delete themselves after an update, that’s a real pain, that kind of thing shouldn’t be allowed or restarted. Anyway, games don’t usually reset progress/saves on release day.