What is going to happened with early access characters

Do we expect our progress to be deleted or you think to keep characters after planned 1.0 release? Did you discuss this question already with the team, i believe it is important to be answered before 18th of April. Thanks.


I can see this happening if there is a need to rebalance characters and / or items. But yeah, knowing would be good.

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From what I’ve seen from other Early Access, it’s not uncommon for save files to become incompatible or buggy after very large patches.

There’s also the possibility that a character that feels really good, end up not as good as result of balance changes.

So my recommendation would be to not get too attached to a save file.

On the other hand, I would expect save files to continue compatible during minor patches.

But then again, if there’s a very large patch, don’t you want to play from the beginning to see new content added, or just to see what changed?

Anyways, this seems like the sort of game with a lot of replay value, so I’m not too worried. That said, I don’t plan to do any sort of long-term grinding during Early Access, unless it’s just for fun.


Impossible to say at this point.

Fully depends on how much we’re changing throughout Early Access.


Throwing some ideas here, what about having something like POE Leagues maybe? might not be useful for early access saves but in general for big updates after v1.0, I think it provides a way for everyone to start fresh if they want but without loosing old characters

90% all the characters will reset.

The game is pretty buggy as is.

99% likely going to be reset.