Improvement needed to be added

Item and Skill/runes description:
There are a lot of missing info on merchants and what they do.
-Item description for new recipes, it just list the item name and no stats (how do we know if it’s good worth it to buy?)
-skill description in runes needs to be added to have a glimpse of what they do and their damage scaling etc (+% to physical dmg/fire dmg etc)
-runes can be replaced in weapons and not destroying the weapon. extraction breaking the weapon is ok. it penalizes us from trying out new skills w/o knowing how the skill works.

-Quick slot items are randomized every time i logged out and does not remember the previous items that was there.
-Focus regen affix seems not to be working

-It’ll be nice if the focus meter on top left have a number indication especially for see how fast focus regen does.
-allow us to rearrange items in our inventory or combine the same one that haven’t hit 20 stacks.

Combat system improvements
-Stamina has been buffed too much, seeing streamer with heavy hitting weapon still rocking base stamina stats and still have enough stam…
-Attribute stats can have more meaning than just scaling with the weapon scaling stats, it feels very empty right now and just a #. ie. int will increase focus gain, faith will incr healing %, etc

  • Life steal and focus steal are a bit OP now. as well as healing on block. basically making the game into ez mode.