Please add more detailed descriptions across the board

I love the game. I’m about 20+ hours in. Just a focused piece of feedback.

I think the game withholds a lot of information from players. in general, I think we need more detailed descriptions everywhere.

Just to name a few:

  • Infuse materials. There needs to be a description of what they do when viewed from the inventory.
  • Runes. There should at least be a description of what the spell does.
  • The Stats screen. It’s incredibly light on information.
  • Any skill/spell/rune that has a numerical value tied to it should have that information easily available. e.g. How much damage does my fireball do? This is incredibly helpful when you’re upgrading or swapping gear. You get to see in clear numbers how much or little improvement you’ve made after your upgrade.

I know that NRFTW is trying to do something different with the genre and I admire Moon Studios for that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t learn from other games that have similar elements. Even though the combat is vastly different from systems ARPGs like Diablo or POE, theorycrafting and optimizing builds is still a core part of this game. The aforementioned games make a lot of the values very easily accessible. It’d be great if NRFTW can incorporate them here.

This, by no means makes the game any easier. I would argue that this will make people appreciate the existing systems (like gear upgrading and itemization) more.

If the argument is discovery, the game already offers plenty of that in more meaningful and fun ways. Moon nailed that part already.

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