Impressions & General Feedback after beating the Early Access Version

Short Impressions:

  • Combat is tremendously well fine-tuned!
  • Visuals are astonishing, like holy hell!
  • NPC’S Voice Acting is superb! As well as the extra art paintings to the right of the dialouge box.
  • 3D NPC Animations are Gordon’s kiss man!
  • Cutscenes look gorgeous!

I was really addicted to the game within time. Let’s say 30h+ in.


  • Please let us know what runic abilities do when selecting/hovering on them.

  • Remove timers for building/upgrading sacrament’s vendors 'n stuff. This is NOT an MMO.

  • Ability to fast travel from any cerim whisper once discovered. I don’t see any reason for the system to be, as it is now.
    It’s really boring and time-wasting having to jog all the way back where you wanted to be. (Edit on that: I read one of the ceo’s posts on twitter, and In that case, I guess I can trust Moon Studios with these visions. Basically, they intent to stay true to their “choices matter”, and If I read it correct, interconnect areas all together, and respect the Level Designers efforts of the level interconnections that would make us quickly reach your destinations from wherever we are. And honestly… I trust them. I did hated the constant running around, to reach my destination, but hey, it’s Early Access. And clearly they really need & appreciate the feedback while staying true to their special intent. The Level Design otherwise in the game is brilliant!)

  • Pretty sure this was a lot requested by others, but here again. Respec Attributes Feature!

  • Weapon Balancing & Weapon Stat Requirements
    Weapon Balancing required. And Weapon Requirements too. 80% of weapons I found that appeared to be nice for strength
    builds (was aiming for strength build in first ea playthrough), had high intelligence/faith requirements that didn’t really make sense to me. Some heavy weapons with only high int/faith requirements, that absolutely made no sense.

  • Use weapons with invalid stats
    Let us use weapons despite not having the requirements (of course tremendously reducing effectiveness of weapon), so we
    at least can see it’s moveset & appearance. That would involve us in thinking if this is better, and perhaps changing the build
    around this and that etc.

  • Multiplayer
    This is for the full release, as just now I came to read that cooperative multiplayer will be a thing: Please don’t have coopers be at disadvantage by the host’s connection.
    Issue Example: Cooper dodges at right time on his client, but get’s hit regardless, because it’s visually a hit on the host’s client.

  • Being able to place markers exactly on the icons in the map.
    I constantly need to slightly hover away from the icon I wanna mark, to find my way.

  • Remove focus gained by runic attacks.
    I once found a Divine Scimitar, and had something, that increased my focus gain. It had a runic attack, that does a double swing, that apparently knocks down enemies. I was able to spam the living pestilence, outta Darak in the Black Trench stunlocking him in first and second phase, while actively recovering focus from the runic attack, and basically bullied him. Let’s say I kind of accidentally cheesed Darak, and it was only little fun at all.

  • Backstab Problem | Riposte/Critical Attack.
    You can literally just run around human enemies, and easily pull of an easy backstab for crazy damage with no effort, without really learning the enemy you were up against. So perhaps block the functionality to backstab an enemy from behind, when he’s targeting the player. And in return, give the ability to perform a riposte after a successful parry/poise bar broken instead. Or… a possible backstab when you parry the enemy, or breaking the enemies’ poise bar. On bosses, parries can instead drastically build up poise bar, instead of instant stagger. Because once you learned the bosses’ moveset, it’s straight out really easy to just casually parry the boss, and get him instantly staggered. This would honestly be a perfect idea for the Echo Knight in phase 1. He can strike 3 times with his lance at you when you depleted a portion of his healthbar. Parry all 3 in quick succession, and then boom, staggered. I’m a huge fan of parrying in this game, it feels really great, but drastically increasing poise bar by consecutive parries would feel even more rewarding honestly. The Tall Tree/Unspoken guys with the long big hammer could also use this feature from the bosses. They strike 3 times with their mace on the ground, and you could just repeatedly parry all 3 of them for a stagger. I abused the backstab mostly on the “Unspoken Shield/Mace” guy in Cerim Crucible, 'cus he’s just hard to deal for me personally, lol. I was medium weight, so I couldn’t use Shoulder Bash to remove his shield guard.

  • Parry Rework.
    This cooouuld be essential for the “choices matter” deal. Big Weapons such as 2 handed swords/hammers/axes etc. can parry every type of melee weapon, but it’s slightly more difficult to successfully parry. I’d suggest increasing the time it takes to actually enable the parry frames for the big weapons, and maybe sliightly reduce parry frames on them. Smaller weapon types will keep their parry frame timing as it is of Patch 1 right now. However, they cannot parry the big weapons such as 2 handed swords/hammers/axes etc. That way, smaller weapons can parry much easier, but can parry only a selection of weapons, while big weapons can parry everything, deal more poise damage on bosses when parrying them, but enabling parry frames is slightly delayed, and has slightly lesser parry frames. You’d either decide: “Do I go for parrying everything, but it’ll be harder, or easier parrying, but only a select of few weapon types?”.

  • And please… More unique boss musics. At least to my awareness, that Warrick & Echo Knight share the same boss music. At least for the full game.

Early Access Exclusive Feedback:

  • Message when beating the Early Access Version. I was constantly looking around where to go now, what am I missing etc. all day long, 'til I gave up, and looked in the internet, to find out that I already beat the game like… 7h-8h ago.

  • Remove XP numbers required when reaching level cap, so we know we hit the level cap. I was confused why I wasn’t getting any anymore. Thought maybe it was the ichor I needed to inject into me, to unlock further leveling.

Might had more in mind when playing, but that’s all I remembered for now.

Otherwise, I can see that this game is in deep development with all heart into!
I hope the devs are proud in what they have been developing and continuing to develop further on, and I hope this feedback can be of great use!
Can’t wait for the full release!

I would like to add just one thing.

For every area we enter there should be some kind of counter that tells us if we have discovered the whole area or not because sometimes your convinced that you’ve seen everything and then you realize you haven’t because you find a video on youtube that shows you a secret place.

btw in the streamer preview of the game i remember that actually that function was available.