Important Questions / answers People need to know

Diablo 2, 3 , 4 , 8 years poe and souls like vet here

I am intrested in this game. Alot. but there are a few things i would like to know that wasnt mention from any devs in any videos. because creating a dungeon style game mixed with a souls like, these are pretty big shoes to fill…

i will just compile a list of simple questions to make it easier

What is the expected duration of the story mode after game is fully patched? we would like an example in hours please. and will story mode ever see additional add ons to expand it in the eventual futur ?

-Player Type
I know this game is designed for everyone, but what i mean is, is your game designed as well for serious players who intend to spend 100’s of hours and to break your game and reach maximums ? or is this game made for casual people who wants to simply relax and play 2…3 hours a week ? or both ?

-Builds / Trees/ Skills
will you guys release a video showcasing the kill trees (if there is any) and gems / runes / good gear and showing us what a “mid / endgame” build looks like in your game ? a 60 seconds clip would pretty much cut 70% of every questions in these forums and also drastically increase your potentially “sceptic / unsure” buyers to finally make up their minds and have a bigger Day-1 launch.

what is the expected loot table list for this game ? will there be chase items? extremely rare items to keep us coming back ?
i know this isnt a loot explosion type of game “But” this is what most of the people will eventually want after a month or 2. will everyone in endgame be running around with the same gear or you have a vast collection of gear / uniques , craftable options that awaits us ?

-Resistance names
Why Heat and Electric resistance instead of Fire and Lightning ?
i know its to be different i understand, but it feels a bit awkward.
maybe its just the fact we will have to get used to it hehe

I am not going to go into details here as you are players your self so i will just be direct with this question. Is crafting deep?
will your crafting system be designed with the idea of pushing it further with updates in the futur ?

-Game support
How long after release was the game intended to receive support ?
Updates, DLC’s, Patches, Add-ons, Seasons, Expansions?
and how regular are they going to be?

-MTX / Microtransactions
you have mentioned there will be 0 MTX and Micros/ in-game purchases for this game. Why ? i am just curious because every single online games have it for business reasons. how will the continuation of this game persist if there is no additional revenues for regular support purposes ?

I will still purchase your game ofcourse… i just want to know what to expect in advance and to know what boat am getting into here

if its for min/max long term players… am in!
if its for casual after work beer and controller… am also in !

at least we will know.

ty in advance.
looking forward to be in day 1

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Of course I can’t answer any of these questions for you, as I’m just waiting for early access myself. However, I think many of these questions will be nearly impossible to answer. The game will be in EA for quite some time, and will most likely change quite a bit.

If you really want solid answers on these things, your best bet is to wait until 1.0 release. Nobody is sure when that will be, but hopefully within the next decade :sweat_smile:


The idea, plan and vision is already fully written before a 3D pixel was even created lol

I am pretty sure a dev can give pretty accurate answers

Btw in a way, i am also trying to help.
They have never made both of these types of games.

So before anything “unexpected” happens with the people who purchase this game and is totally not what they wanted the core of the game to be, i think it will clarify alot

Ori looked beautiful…
but the game was not for “all types of gamers”
could be completed within 6 to 8 hours
And the replayability wasnt there for most

I just want them to to be successful with their new IP