I would like to create a second character on the same realm

Can you please change the areas difficulty to be able to level up the new character? Otherwise it is impossible.

That would defeat the purpose of a realm, would it not?


HI! I honestly don’t understand what the difference would be from starting a new realm with a new character…
Could you explain better what you have in mind?

otherwise, honestly, as they responded, it would seem to defeat the purpose of the realms, as they are now

He wants to use the resources of the first character right now.
For sure :slight_smile:

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A good way to to lvl up a twink is by farming, or buying whenever available, xp potions…or just wait until respec comes (i asume thats what you actualy looking for)

Get to the city, open the waypoint, then go to the old realm and drink potions. It’s not difficult and doesn’t take long :slight_smile:


Бро, там и так очень легко) Просто привыкни)

Вот если бы нам подняли от 30 левла и выше то было бы здорово), и а будет ли вайп в королевстве а то мои сокровищя меня ждут)

be patient my friend, I don’t speak Cyrillic :sweat_smile: :peace_symbol:

i did that and then i can’t level up since everything is content for level 30

u need use exp potion from 1st character, if u dont have, sad - go to the 2nd realm and get lvl.
No other way here (or try to fight vs 30lvl)

Run to first whisper, teleport. You have resources now

i missed the part where my other characters can carry stuff to my other realms. So there is no need for what i originally asked