I think this is the main flaw of this game and why it frustrates people:

This game gets very frustrating rather than fun when there are more than 2 enemies. It’s like that meme “What he’s gonna do if we just jump on him at the same time?”

This is, by no questioning, a souls-like. I really hope that this is not a design choice but something they did not noticed, but in Souls or Elden Ring or whatever Fromsoft game, enemies usually wait for each other to attack rather than trying their best to attack at you at all cost. If one enemy is close, the other kinda circles, or slowly approaches to attack rather then both of them spamming the hell out of you.

I played the game good enough, I’m lvl 23, yet I am struggling so hard against the mobs in the Gauntlet, because they just attack all in the same time. If you dodge one other one hits. And it is not like you can just put distance between lol, they jump, lunge, throw fireballs, make their weapon literally bigger, send earth quakes, call a lighting on you etc. basically you can not use spacing at all.

TLDR: Please consider making enemies wait for each other rather than making them dogging the player all at the same time, it is super frustrating in the Gauntlet especially. I really don’t feel like playing anymore even though I loved the game and yet there are many things I want to do and all.

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