Housing: storage, UX and decoration issues

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a quick feedback on housing and storing. To start with, here’s what my house currently looks like:

Yep: 14 storage-purposed furniture — and counting. The reason is that I tend to keep a lot of stuff, but also I love to collect all weapons and armour sets (which I truly find beautiful in this game). The result is this kind of interior decoration overflowing with big chests, which evokes a heavy Diogenes syndrome rather than a sophisticated taste for fine furniture.

Gameplay consequences:

  • It’s highly impractical when it comes to upgrading items at the NPCs, as I need to visit the NPC to see what is required to upgrade my equipment, then travel to my house to fetch the right items, then go back to the NPC. I’ve seen a bunch of other feedback posts about storage though (e.g. this one or that one): hopefully it will improve later on.
  • It’s ugly and breaks the “housing” gameplay. I’d rather build a nice interior that, for instance, would give me a rest bonus when I visit it (e.g. similar to Valheim’s “Comfort”).
  • While I love collecting weapons and armour sets, it’s pretty sad they need to be buried in chests. I’d love to be able to display them in special closets for instance, or on armor stands (e.g. similar to Valheim, again).
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Everything I’m reading here is true. Good stuff

Patch Notes - Early Access Patch 1
:crossed_swords: Quality of Life:

  • Vendors and Crafting Tables/Refineries can now access resources directly from storage
    :crossed_swords: Loot:

  • Increased number of slots of all chests and cupboards

Awesome, thanks Moon Studio!