[Feedback] Player housing - Resting system + linked storage

For player housing, the most important thing is that it needs to be engaging. What needs to be avoided is to have a player housing system that is only for decoration purpose. In the case of No rest for the wicked, player housing is used for storage and crafting. But here’s how you can bring it to the next level. The game that pushed the housing system the most imo is Valheim. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. You want every furniture piece to have a rest bonus linked to how difficult it is to craft and the space needed for it. For example, a cheap bed gives 3 points, a nice bed gives 5 and a royal bed gives 10 points. Do the same for each furniture piece. Than every time you enter your house, you gain a buff based on the total points of each furniture piece. This is your resting bonus level. The higher the level, the longer the buff stays active. The buff can be as simple as bonus defense or attack., or more intricate. You can also have specific rare furniture that adds special buff to the resting bonus. This makes the system very engaging. Coop player can also benefit from another player resting bonus. Maybe by replacing his own bonus with yours by interacting with the bed.

  2. Storage needs to be linked to the crafting stations inside your house and NPC vendors. Just look at the storage/crafting system in recent games like Palword and Enshrouded. No need to go back and forth trying to find the items by searching all your containers. Just interact with the crafting stations with an empty inventory and you’re good to go.

  3. Additional Storage. Base chest with 10 spaces is not enough. Double it at least, if not triple. Than the more advance chest can have more.

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I agree with you, except for one thing - if you upgrade woodcrafter’s stall, he sells medium chests with 20 slots. I assume there are/will be large chests, too.

You’re probably right. The issue with player-house inventory space seems to also very depends on the way you go on about quests. In my case, I didn’t know which quest would unlock to player housing, and exactly how far into the game you would unlock it.

So I ended up pushing into the nameless path with an almost completely full inventory before unlocking the player-housing. Sometimes having barely 1 or 2 empty spaces. So when I finally got wind of a specific quest unlocking it, I went back and did it. At this point, those 10 spaces chest were a joke. I needed 5 of them to open up decent space in my inventory.

I think in the current state, 20 spaces would be nice for the first chest. If they were to give the player-housing option right after the prologue when you get to Sacrament, 10 spaces could work as the first chest you unlock.

I get it. Before I unlocked housing, I was juggling items in community chest, trying to decide what’s more important to save for later, but running between the smith and the rookery was a nightmare, even with stairs repaired.
Even when I got my first house, I immediately bought 5 small chests too.
And now I can confirm - there are big chests with 30 slots, you just need to upgrade woodcrafter.