High Level DEER Loot


I saw in the patchnote that you increased the appearance of clay because indeed it poses a problem after a certain level but there is another element which poses a problem in my game: the deer spawn

At my level, I no longer have DEER, and there were very few when that was the case to have enough element to make the leather armor where we require 7 deer hooves from memory more horns.

Edit 21/04 : I started a game again to see if I could loot the deer hooves but after killing the few deer I found (5 in total) I didn’t have a single deer hoof…

It’s a hassle to find the components in general. Basically I wanted to make several to try to have the best enchantments but the idea quickly passed.

Same! I got a recipe that I can’t use because I have never found a single deer crafting item.

I don’t find any Antlers and Hooves either when killing deer. However, I do find them in chests from time to time and Grinnich the merchant can sell them. So you could create several realms and see if he sells the items you need.