Healing, Stamina, & Last Whispers

HUGE fan of Moon Studios. I think this is easily one of the greatest game studios out there and the commitment to releasing high quality, affordable games, that aren’t trying to nickel and dime the player is the reason why I feel confident that you guys are one of the few meaningful Game Studios that are actually player-centric. Please know that the feedback below is not meant as a referendum on the directors or the developers who have clearly poured their heart and soul into the masterpiece in embryo

With a game this difficult, healing being limited to ONLY craftable consumables really sucks. Even a small, refillable healing flask that isn’t as effective as a consumable would be a step forward. Also, a 5 second cooldown between healing consumables is aggravating. The healing animation itself is a sufficient delay due to the pace of the gameplay.

Stamina decays WAY too fast. For reference, I love big heavy weapons in these kinds of games, so I understand that there has to be a sacrifice on the number of swings you can perform in the name of balance. That said, two attacks that take 2.5 seconds (roughly) to perform to exploit the enemies’ airtight openings really makes for a frustrating play experience. Heavy weapons that have shorter animations with the same depletion of stamina might be enough of a fix or vice versa (I’m no developer, y’all are the real heroes), but all I know is that the way I like to play feels really frustrating and at times nearly impossible to capitalize on. I’m not sure what the solution might be; I’ll come back and edit this post after more playtime if it was a skill issue all along, lol

A save point with no healing is annoying. This might not be an issue if there were some kind of healing method not dependent on consumables or magic, but for now, these just act as respawn points and it seems like it’s not enough. Maybe there was a fear that having a Whisper provide healing would make the game too easy, to which, I disagree with completely. What that mechanic DOES do is help the player not burn out completely after a death.

By the way… THANK YOU for letting the player keep their experience points after dying, lol. I was never a huge fan of this and I am happy to see that player experience is respected by letting us keep the progress we made.

I truly think this game has the potential to go down as one of the greatest ARPGs of all time (Top 5, easy) and as a gigantic fan of your work on the Ori games, I know that the extremely talented, passionate team at Moon Studios will once again blow us away.

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What weapon are you using and what rings?