Healing Aura seems to be broken

When it works, it works. Unfortunately, when you press Healing Aura with full focus, it often does… nothing. My other runes work, but not Healing Aura. It works a couple times in a row sometimes, and other times does nothing. I know it’s not because I’m full health or out of focus. I’m just not sure why it won’t work consistently. Please fix it.


Wierd, never had this problem and I used it a lot at some point, maybe a bug after the Hotfix 3.

I only tried it recently so that’s possible. It works less than 50% of the time. It didn’t work immediately after I runed it, but I thought it was because the focus of 2 that it said was wrong and it was actually 100. That’s not the case and while it works and charges to use more focus when it actually works… it usually doesn’t. This is frustrating because I wanted to use less food because I burn through it so fast and having Heal Aura would definitely help with that… if it worked consistently.

Have to test it tomorrow.

But how healing aura works is, it uses 50 fokus to heal you, but if you had 102 Fokus, you can heal 3 times, because the minimum is 2 focus.
But if you have enough , it always needs 50 focus.

The issue is that it doesn’t do anything at all… sometimes.

It could be a bug with specific weapon it’s runed into or just if it was runed after 3rd update.

I happen to have waited until after 3rd update and I runed it into a two-handed hammer.

It works sometimes, just not most of the time. I try it every time I take damage after combat, but it works like 1/4 of the time.

When it works, I can use it twice in a row no problem, when it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t do anything. Other runes on the same weapon work when it doesn’t, though. It just burns all my focus using another rune.

I don’t know if this is the same bug, but I have the gemstone that “gives 7 Focus on Focus” in my legwear, and if I try to use Heal Aura when my Focus bar is full it gives me the 7 Focus but the spell itself will not cast.

Clearly a bug, since I can still use weapon Rune skills on full Focus, Repair, Return etc

having the same issue. I have to use another spell first, than, healing will work

Same here. It worked fine some days ago. Now it does not work for me when focus meter is full. Very annoying. Need to do another spell first if meter is full then healing aura works…

Thank you for the report, we have this on our radar and will try and push out a fix as soon as possible.

Why Heal Aura does not work:

1.) You have a FULL Focus Bar
2.) If you have Focus Regen or Focus Gain on Use, due to not being able to gain more than FULL, Heal Aura will not work due to Focus Gain on Use proc’ing first.