Heal Aura not working for me

I know there is a post about Heal Aura rune but it still doesn’t work for me.
Tried clicking.
Tried holding it.
Nothing happens.

hmm, mine works, do you have enough focus? like around 50? then hold it for long enough and then it will eventually pop off…

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I never had problem with it but when you tried to use it did you have any focus because it use focus ? and if you had focus maybe best suggestion would be to try maybe applying it on different weapon. I been using it on the starting weapon the blood rusted sword and it worked fine

Yea I am trying it on 100 focus.
Weather I click it or hold it its the same effect.
Its like red aoe wave spawn but HP stats the same.

I will try on different weapon I guess.

let me know if it works after you try it on different one if not I will try to think on another solution.

Here is the video:
(I have no idea why it jitters like that but you will see the point)

that really weird its like exiting the action and its looks very laggy I wonder what causing it, it doesn’t even seem like it starts the channeling. I think its worth a chance to contact the devs directly I never seen the rune acting like that but one last question does the game laggy like in the video maybe because lags it cut the action ?

No, games not leggy, its just the video I recorded with OBS.

oh ok than lags not the reason I will try to contact the devs to try help you out with it

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I contact the admins at discord they suggested to put it on bug report here on this site (under section wicked bug reporting) because the devs usually don’t look at discord and here they will look up on it.

best regards and hope your problem with the rune will be solved soon

Hey man, sry I didn’t quite get that. So I should put it on discord bug report? Is that what you are saying?

You need to hold it longer… its a channelled spell

I tried, I hold it for 10seconds nothing happens…

I have the same issue. It works sometimes, but not all the time. It’s definitely broken because when it works, it works. You can channel it to use more focus if held or just tap and it uses a very small amount.

No. It’s broken. If they were able to channel it, they would obviously realized it works because it has a huge red animation.

It’s just like it is for me. It works sometimes, but not all the time. It’s a broken skill and needs to be fixed so it always works. Other runes don’t fail on the same weapon, but Heal Aura is very hit or miss. I’ve found that I play for awhile and get injured again and try it each time. Sometimes, it works and I’ll use it twice in a row. Other times, it won’t work so I just use food. It’s really frustrating that it doesn’t just work.