The Heal Aura Rune...Get it early

This rune has changed my gameplay. It is available from the enchanter in Sacrament, sadly you won’t have it for the first boss. Basically, you put it on your weapon and use it to heal yourself. Costs focus for 25 health. However, it will cast even if you only have 1 focus and heal you for the full amount. My gameplay loop is kill group of mobs, Heal Aura once or twice depending on how I did and move on to the next pack. Food is no longer such a burden to keep up with. You can heal mid fight, but it is a cast and is interruptible so use it wisely.


This does not work universally, it costs me 100 focus to use it and its not worth it for that reason. 100 focus for such a small amount of health doesn’t make sense.

Update: I bought the wrong one, Pulse of Health is trash, the Heal Aura is definitely awesome. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks a lot for the tip, it makes the game sooo much less grindy!
I’m not sure it’s intended to heal the full amount even with just 1 focus, but it does, which makes food much less of a problem.

Thanks for this tip and clarification! Yesterday i tried this rune and thought it’s useless and made for multiplayer, as it did nothing at all… till i read here and there and discover that just pushing the button is not enough, but need to hold it for it to work :sweat_smile:. Would be nice to have some explanations and hints in the game of what each rune does and how to use it though.

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Oh, so you’re having fun and are able to sustain through encounters and don’t get any durability damage? Dev better nerf :wink:

I was reading someone saying he had trouble with healing items and how it’s a pain to famr for them. Thank you for posting this. Healing aura was the first rune I bought, didn’t know how it worked but the name implied healing. The concentration cost is so cheap for such a great effect that even if I had no trouble getting healing items, it became my main source of healing. Great tip !

I just experienced this, and wanted to make a TOPIC how runes need explanation and how Healing Rune doesn’t do shit.
It actually doesnt work for me. I tried holding it or just clicking it. Nothing happens…

I think the one you use is “Pulse of Health” these 2 spell runes look very similar.

  • Pulse of Health costs 100 Focus, heal fast but just few HP
  • Heal Aura is a channel spell, have to hold a button for 3 seconds but heal a lot

Same here… The Rune with the Heart, it just won’t activate when I press it.
On RARE occasions, I could activate ‘Return Rune’ and then cancel, and then the Heart Rune might activate, but it’s still slim pickings if it does…

I’ve since sold the weapon (after days of it not working) and upgraded a similar one without it because it’s that broken.

Never had any issue with healing aura rune. As long as you have more than 2 focus and you keep channeling (keep the button pressed till the end) you will get healed.

YeahI know how it works,… just that it never triggers, I’ve was trying to use it for days, whether I had full focus, half focus, 1% less health or near dead, it just wouldn’t work at all.
Only in select instances would it work, like I said, using the return rune then cancelling that mid-animation and then the health rune might work 5-10% of the time, I know how it works, that doesn’t help me.

@thomasmahler It was on a Claymore, as the second rune after devastating strike., after that I had poise shield and then return (1-4 Runes)

But #2 never worked (Keyboard n Mouse user) it might not even need to be the health rune, maybe just how I had it setup in particular.

Very strange that it does not work for you. I asked my friends they also didn’t have any issue but we play on controller maybe its an issue when you play on keyboard. Maybe try maping to another key.

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