Greatsword is a misery, gear drops are higher level, healing is a pain

At the first boss, I dropped a legendary greatsword, that asked for 22 STR. I like playing greatswords in souls-likes, so I accepted the challenge of leveling my STR and be eligible of using it. That was a… terrible idea.

The game had some design choices that I do not understand. The lack of estus flask is literal pain, going back and forth every single time is a waste of time so I started to don’t even craft them while trying to get through a boss.

Gear drops are super problematic. I am consistantly getting lvl 11 items for the last 6 levels now, can not find any proper stuff. I am suffering on the sewer boss with the greatsword and there are no alternatives for me at the moment. If it was not an early access, I would stop playing sadly.

I parry him, I start charging my attack, he recovers from parry, turns around, my hit starts going but too late, boss starts to attack. I think this greatsword maybe the slowest gs I have ever seen. It is pain, I think I can not point this out enough.

TLDR: Gotta git gud, yet greatsword is super boring because of its speed, the gear dropping are always above my level in the early game by 4-5 levels, healing items feels they are there just to be there rather than giving me the feeling of “oh okay, this is why its a better choice than a estus flask”.

I really, really loved this game. I want to love it more, I want to put it in my top 5, but please show some love to greatsword xD


theres a lady at the entrance of the town, her inn is burned down and she sends you on a quest to find her husband. hes a cook. once you rescue him he joins the town and he sells unlimited of the intro food items plus advanced recipes. its also relatively cheap at 10 copper or something like that, he also sells that ONE herb you need for everything in unlimited supply. i had the same problem with the healing until i did this quest, after words i feel like i have an unlimited amount of mats.


also increasing endurance cap in this game is way more important that it is in the souls game, the difference between fat roll and medium roll is liek 60 eye frames, and being able to fast roll is the same massive eye frames but you do it at mach 10, strength weapons kind of want you to be able to poise break too so some advice i can give is to look for windows for a charge attack, you should hit hard enough that once you poise break you can just mop up any ads.

I envy you, greatsword is the best, I’m using a white gnarled saw and can’t even imagine my damage if I had a legendary one

Wait until it breaks and you can’t afford the repairs, you’ll be back at fistfighting in no time

Totally agree with the estus flask. Just give me an X number of heals every time I die…

The fact that you can buy unlimited intro heals after a while doesn’t fix the fact that new players run out of them and get the feeling of being locked (until they figure out they gotta backtrack a while and do a boring farm for herbs)

Thanks for the advice, I did not know that quest yet it does not change the fact that as a starting player it’s just pain really.

Btw I tested another GS, they had different moveset, and the legendary one is muuuuch more slower than the normal one.

Yeah, that happened to me with the sewer boss. I was running back and forth, going for items to make some food etc. it was a pain until I figured out how to beat the boss, which is a buggy mess of a fight really. I am gonna post for it as well

Glad to hear that man, greatsword is such a fun weapon to use :smiley:

After trying out other greatswords, I would like to change something:

The greatsword legendary weapon sucks. It is suuuuper slow, like really slow. Other greatswords turns out to be completely fine lol.

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I have the impression they delayed level gain in this early access, if we where supposed to be level 11 when we reach de second map it would make things so much sense…

even replaying a lot before that part I was still lvl 9…

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