Gold Item Drop rate

I’ve done two runs, I’ve brought two characters to level 23, and I still haven’t found a Gold Item… It seems unbelievable.

I haven’t even done the crucible yet, and I’m not sure if Gold weapons are only found there, but it seems absurd that even with all the rerolls, Eleanor hasn’t given me a single Gold item.

They’re all Magical or Cursed. Even in the open world, no boss or mini-boss has ever dropped a Gold item for me.

I don’t know if I’m unlucky or if I’m missing something. Hmm.


Definitely unlucky. I got a gold weapon by defeating the prologue boss.

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I feel you, so far game seems not rewarding at all for me, I don’t even want to defeat crucible boss, just because I’m not sure is it even worth it. Don’t want to spend my time to just get another common from a boss, all 3 bosses gave nothing but regular items, not even cursed

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For now I would say don’t bother looking for unique (gold) items. On my first character, I got one from a bounty that was a boss. It was a dagger that was worse than my current one.

On my second character, I saw zero unique items until I finished the crucible. I got two unique items: a rapier that I couldn’t use due to the stats requirement, and a shield that was worse than my current shield.

Also, even though I don’t think it’s worth it to try and beat the crucible for unique items, I’m pretty sure that beating the crucible guarantees 1 or 2 unique items. They don’t drop from the boss, but they show up in chests you open after the boss (you have to go down one more floor after defeating the boss to find the chests)

Oh, good insight, thank you, but for now I can’t past to knight and giant at 5th floor, multiple target combat is just unbearable with elites. It’s no problem one on one, but fighting them all at once is not fun

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I’m not sure what you mean by “5th floor” since the floors change each time I think. Or every time you leave and come back.

But yeah I had to grind to level 30 and then just back stab everything as best as I can. It’s such a hassle to go through 6 or 7 floors to just die to the boss while trying to learn its moves, then start all the way at floor 1 again. Took me maybe 10 tries. Super tedious

Edit: Took me 10 tries on just the boss. I’m sure I did the crucible a lot more than that

Hm, yes, stages are changing, but enemies patters are the same