Gear from bosses


I want to talk a bit about the gear from bosses. After I beat the first boss and his two-hander droped I was excited to see more of the boss weapons/armors, but none of that hapened with another bosses except the crucible boss (but he droped twin daggers although he was using a two-hander).
My suggestion is to have a possibility to claim a piece of boss’ gear after beating it in addition to Plague Ichor which feels like unadequate reward for beating a boss.
Souls games does this perfectly and if you want to get all the pieces of gear from the boss you have another reason to start a NG+ or start a new realm like here.

So I think it would be nice to consider this method of rewarding for bosses. :slight_smile:

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You are lucky, I only got crap from the first boss. Twice :confused:


The more reason for them to implement something like “trading boss souls” for gear :slight_smile:

Got crap from the first boss too. Actually got decent gear from the sewer boss and some legendary calymore on a mini boss in the wilds. I have no idea how loot is generated nor how droprate is managed but I got more from random enemies and chests than bosses.

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Yes same here except the first boss

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