Gameplay and QoL

Please add crafting and upgrading with materials from chest since managing limited space while running for the materials feels bad especially before building stairs.

Performance issues asside I love the way combat is made but weapon balance needs lot of work.
1 handed axe moveset is terrible. The damage upgrade is negligible while it’s like twice as slow as sword.
Imagine my surprice when I was basically unable to hit some bandits and especially bandit boss since the axe had so low range and such huge wind up that I got demolished before I could attack .

Blacksmith should have some list of basic weapons availible to buy. I was stuck with an useless axe unable to buy different weapon and was grinding for a way just to drop basic sword so I could oneshot bandit boss I strugled on with axe.

Getting even basic sword back after that axe felt terrible. Felt like bricked character. 30 min to hour wasted just in getting it. If I didn’t know I will love the game I would just quit and wait for balance changes.

Lastly would be good to add more map icons in the city for the vendors and make the city map more accessible to work with in general