Finley only spawning on saturdays

Finley needs to spawn everyday at specific times if need be like at night ingame time. To have to rely on your computers PC time and only one day out of the weak is just…very bad for the rolls it offers for how long you need to wait.

This means the only two work around is to exploit PC time or make multiple realms to get multiple chances on saturdays (if you want to play legit) to get weapons you like and can’t craft but has terrible rng drop rates…

There needs to be a better alternative than these two.
Or like every basic tier 1-3 weapon in the early access should be made craftable…idk. there needs to be a better way.

I think he shows up too infrequently, which means he shows up once a week and not all day. It’s too much

yeah i think night time should be fine as well, that is just sth you occasionally pass by and check, because it is a crucible run amount of loot.

lol trash gear on a saturday from 8-12 AM^^ it’s like a diablo 4 affix parody…

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