Finley clarification

Could i possibly get some clarification on the time window i know its saturday 8am to 12am but is that in game time or IRL and if its IRL what timezone is it based

Has anyone been able to find out the answer for this? I am also curious.

I know it goes off real life time and people can change there settings to respawn him instead of waiting a week. I dont know 100% if it has a specific timezone but i would imagine its whatever zone your system has since its not on a server yet.

Odd, might be some sort of sync issue then. Couldnt find him at the specified time : (

Possible spoiler:
Just to verify you did rescue him from jail? And are on a realm where you have done so?

I am on PST it is currently 7:30 am IRL, 9 something in game time. Can confirm it goes off real life time not game time. (Unless game has weekdays)
Ill add an edit here when i check later during his “normal hours”

8:15 am PST not open did verify that my other realm that didnt have him doesnt have the sign out front even. And to be fair it does say he “usually” opens at 8 am lol.

9:05am still not open so maybe it is a timezone thing.

10:45 am there he was he was open now.

Verified a second character was not able to open the shop either (reported a bug where i got frozen though), and going to his spot where you originally find him did nothing like drkstoner mentioned.

its supposed to be 8am IRL

I am having the issue where he isn’t appearing at all its 9am MST IRL after 8am in game and nothing. In other posts people said to run back to the jail and it will unstick him but I did it and nothing even restarted my PC

Yes, ofcourse. I try not to read walkthroughs so I wouldnt have known about him otherwise.

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So I logged in today and there he was, its Tuesday.

And after I purchased an Item from him he vanished.
I dont know anymore.

Je le retrouve bien le samedi matin (fuseau horaire UTC+1).
N’est-il pas basé sur le fuseau horaire utilisée sur Steam?