Fillmore pre-Warrick: more weapons

As a new player, I struggled to slay Warrick. As I didn’t succeed for a while, and only had 1 handed strength weapons, I had very few things to experiment which made the experience pretty unenjoyable.

On discord people said I should try the claymore (and in general 2 handed swords) as well as the fireball staff. However, while I was keen to try them out, I didn’t have them, enemies didn’t respawn and Fillmore didn’t offer them.

So I was stuck with my 1-handed strength weapons to chip away at him.

Only to find out that Fillmore sells all these awesome weapons the moment you get into Sacrament?!? If he did that slightly earlier I could’ve tried all these movesets, had all this fun, enjoyed all the versatility.

Please add

They just did, I also disliked the random loot at first because of that, having a starting class with items like dark souls would also solve part of this problem.

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