I have to say, I’m struggling in the game to master items. I’m still using items I found early on that had a trait I wanted and just pumping upgrades into them rather than trying out all this new gear I keep getting in drops. Some thoughts:

1 - I want to compare my gear. If I’m hovering over one piece, I want to visually see what the piece I’m wearing does next to is so I can actively compare.

2 - I have a cursed item with Health Regeneration. How MUCH health regeneration? Are some faster than others? How about Focus Regeneration? I have NO idea what these powers are leveling at.

3 - In fact, what do some powers exactly do? I went to the enchantress and she’s selling all these runes but none of them tell you what the runes do! I’ve barely touched enchanting because of this.

4 - I get the concept behind EQUIPMENT LOAD, but it’s actually keeping me from trying new things because I’d rather put my points in other things each level. I get the idea that BUILD helps determine loot, but the problem is that if you make me invest in EL then there’s no incentive to try other builds because I’ve wasted points trying to get my EL so high for the defense gear. As EL requirements keep going up EL keeps feeding itself, needing to waste more and more of the three points I get per level to keep up.

4a - A possible solution to this is to change EL and instead come up with a class system for gear. A Class gear is for TANKS and has high Armor numbers, stamina costs increase when worn, applies the HEAVY effect from EL. Perhaps only the chest piece determines HEAVY, NORMAL, FAST. AND, most importantly, A Class pulls from a specific pool of powers. Maybe Class B and C also share some of them, but there should be unique powers that only heavy gear gives, and vice versa.

  1. Cursed Items - I like this idea, in theory. But there feels like there’s a tier of gear missing in there somewhere. I’ve never gotten a unique to drop, so I don’t even know what that’s supposed to look like in comparison.

  2. Before I forget… Item management is really more frustrating than fun in the early game. Particularly resources.

  3. CLAY needs to drop EVERY TIME I DIG. Ore drops every time I mine. Wood drops every time I chop. Clay needs to come out every time I dig. It’s the scarcest resource in the game, by far. And then the daily challenge wants 5 of it? I can’t even find it for building upgrades. There’s no way I’m giving it to that guy!

Anyway, these are my thoughts with 16 hours of gameplay. Hope they help!

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I agree on 1,2 and 3 - very good points.

Thank you for the feedback, we’re working on all of this already! :slight_smile:

Oh sweet :slight_smile: I look forward to how the system evolves over time!