Feedback: armor

Good morning from the East Coast, USA.

Still having a blast playing the game. Today I have more feedback on armor.
I’ve been wearing the same armor since the early levels. I’ve been so overwhelmed with the armor system that instead of trying out new gear, I just sell everything I get and keep wearing the same thing I did early in the game. Same is true of my main weapon, but I’ll get back to that.

1 - Every piece of armor should have a defined class: Light, Normal, Heavy
I need to be able to visually understand the class my armor is supposed to be in. I should know that when wearing full gear in that class, my Equipment Load should remain in that category. It’s basically the ability to choose which dodge action I want to have.

2 - Why doesn’t armor have more level range?
I noticed that armor is apparently level 1, level 11, or level 21 (so far). There’s no in between. Basically, I realized this only today because, until now, I didn’t have access to level 21 gear. There’s nothing wrong with hard tiers, but it lessens the impact of being level 18, for example, because I know I’m really 3 levels away from the next tier rather than almost at the top of the previous tier. There should be gear of all level requirements. That doesn’t change how you think about gear in tiers, but it does help a player feel like they are continuing to get better as the gear is leveling with them. You can still have the hard tier though, the player just won’t notice.

3 - Armor attribute requirements, like with weapons
It would be cool if my armor had attribute requirements like my weapon does, with powers that are reflective of those requirements.
My weapon is forcing me to level up strength and faith. It would be nice to find armor gear that matches up with those choices. Personally, I feel like faith should be tied to armor that grants restorative abilities. Health, Focus, and Stamina regenerations should all be tied to faith. While my strength should give me access to heavier gear (as opposed to that worthless equipment load attribute). Dexterity type armor can be lighter and give access to dodge skills, stamina buffs, speed increases… combine that with faith and dex/agility and faith gear should be the best at restoring stamina loss. Little tweaks like this make armor feel more useful.

4 - Armor upgrading with numbers
Do item powers have numbers associated with them? Because when I upgrade gear, it would be nice to see more than the armor stat go up. I want the powers attached to the armor to improve as well. Maybe they are? But I can’t tell because there are no numbers on these powers. Display more numbers. It won’t ruin anyone’s immersion. We’re used to numbers from games like Diablo.

5 - More agency in how items enchant
As mentioned in a previous post, I feel like there should be another tier of items out there. We have common, blue should be uncommon, there should be a yellow rare tier, and then purple can be epic and cursed. I finally did get a unique to drop. It was a bow I can’t use, so that sucked, but I got one.

Cursed items still make no sense to me. Why are they cursed? Was there ever an in game reason given? I didn’t see one. I saw some tooltip pop up the first time I picked on up I believe, but I have no idea what it said. I forget. But there’s no in game reason supplied about why my items could be cursed.

I feel like the whole item tier situation is backwards and unpredictable. Shouldn’t better gear offer more slots than common gear? I get trying to make every item seem more valuable, but I either sell commons or enchant them then sell them. Because mistakes seem so common to make right now, I’m not wasting resources on adding gems because I’m getting lousy enchants all the time.

So agency… When I enchant, I should move the item up one tier, with a cost appropriate to that tier. So common to uncommon costs 10, then uncommon to rare costs 50, then rare to epic/cursed costs 2sp… whatever the jump should be. But let me just give common items a little juice first. I don’t want a random outcome. Because right now it’s either blue or cursed. And some of these curses are brutal (like XP loss, which I will never take, no matter how good the gear, because dying is built in to this game and I HATE losing progress).

This is why adding a rare tier also makes sense. Gear options. Because I’ve only seen one unique and it was during a boss fight. Since that boss won’t come back, I can’t farm him for another, different one I can use. Give me options and clearly define them… or at least make them clearer.

If you read all this, I do appreciate it. I hope this feedback is helpful, whether you take action on it or not. It won’t stop me from playing a game I’m loving. :slight_smile: But I do hope it gives you some insight into why I haven’t tried a new piece of gear since the early game.

All the best,