Feedback bullet points

  • Allow us to extract runes without destroying our favorite weapon

  • Allow us to interchange / remove gems from armor & weapon gear. If this is added don’t destroy the gear please.

  • The enchantment store should sell gems (should be very expensive) and it unlocks more rare gems as it is upgraded.

  • Ability to chose whether the enchantment on a piece of gear will be rare or cursed and corresponding price differences at the enchantment store.

  • Ability to reverse enchantments on pieces of gear.

  • Travel to any whisper rather than the last one visited, this would make bounty hunting less of a chore.

  • Add buyback feature to merchants or someway to retrieve an item that was accidently sold.

  • Gear comparison window pop ups so we can compare different enchantments and not just base stats.

  • Lower tomato requirement for recipes from 2 to 1.

  • Decrease maximum window of time on fishing before fish bites.

  • Add a much larger house near the market, like twice as big as “the manor”.

  • Ability to decorate / customize our gear to appear as any piece of armor that we have obtained without actually changing the gear equipped.

  • Saved armor set & weapon loadouts that are accessible from inventory menu.

  • ability to pull from storage for recipes and crafting armor/ weapons.

  • when inventory is at maximum, items can still be picked up and are sent to chests at the players house.

  • increase item stack maximum from 20 to 99 ideally, but if not, increase it a bit please.

Thanks for making this game, can’t wait for the final game to be released.