Feedback and suggestions-

I will leave out all the positives, so don’t get the impression that I am only complaining. amazing graphics, great fluidity, lovely combat system.


  • Ability queue is way too long, some spells have a long animation, if the enemy dies meanwhile, though luck, you pressed the button 2 secs ago you better waste your focus and are animation locked.

  • (probably a me problem) having to press L1 for ability switch is kinda fatal sometimes since dodge and an ability are on the same button, so if I want to quickly dodge instead of using an ability, i find myself still pressing L1 and then casting a spell instead of dodging, thus animation locking myself and dying.

  • knock back from abilities such as split shot is just ridiculous, combined with he inhumanely queue time of abilities it happens quite often that my characters simply moves out of the narrow paths (which we have tons of) and falls into his death, maybe reduce the knock-back a little?

  • crafting system needs a way to create/find weapons with no runes inside as well, so we can actually craft a weapon the way we want it and not always having to waste a rune slot. mostly people use one ability from a specific weapon.

  • I know you want people to level multiple characters but please understand that there are people who hate repeating a leveling process over and over, or having multiple chars for multiple builds, Please provide a way to respec points. sometime sits not even that dramatic, sometimes we just mess up a single point and have to completely start over? I mean come on, its not 1999.

  • automatic climbing/jumping definitely needs some fine tuning, my char sometimes simply jumpy into his death or is too dum to find a right path, or as soon as i come up a ladder he immediately jumps somewhere wrong and continues to jump into his death. (maybe a little leeway of 0,3 secs that prevent such things from happening?)

  • I find it confusing why there is no feedback button in game. i hate creating accounts for every single thing, be assured, after this feedback I will prolly never use this account again, so please, provide a way to give quick feedback in game so we can immediately write it down instead of forgetting tons of things and having to create an account just to actually help you guys to improve the game.

  • the whole ember thing and crucible is not thought through, so if i don’t have any embers, i am forced to do low lvl enemies and random stuff until i happen to find an ember which then allows me to actually continue the end game? Do you guys see a problem there? The endgame should be more approachable and also, there should be ways ( maybe embers could be used for that), to buff up the endgame maps for better rewards. crucible right now feels kind of hollow.

  • Tooltips please, right now there is no way to find out what a rune does, instead of having to go on some sites which also have incomplete info’s please, build in tooltips/descriptions to runes/gems/weapons that explain what that thing does. in general, the more detailed a tooltip is, the better, or at least an option to activate advanced tooltips would be amazing.

  • Animation lock and dodge - this is more a question than feedback. since it happens a lot with the long ability queue time and the dodge button being on the same button with an ability, would it make sense to make - least cast abilities - cancelable with dodge? or would simply reducing the ability queue time solve this completely?

  • upgrading items - honestly the amount of soft leather is so rare that none of my armor is upgraded to the max, you said you want people to level multiple characters, well you better increase the drop rate of essential items for upgrading such as soft leather or the precursor item otherwise people simply need to be lucky and grind for simple upgrades. weapon upgrades are way quicker to make since ore(veins) and the rest drops way more often. I am not one of those guys who love to grind(especially if its not fun) for minimal upgrades. Also, are we supposed to upgrade our items here and there? another reason to make upgrading more approachable.

I am aware that I am not fully educated in the game’s philosophy, maybe some suggestions help maybe not.

  1. Reasons to do stuff.
  • parry, yes you parry an attack but you also buff the parry time for your next parry by 0,1 sec after successfully parrying, stack maybe 5 times, gives you a reason to parry, also you can actually do a “parry build”. this could either be an enchant on a shield or a core mechanic. - i NEVER parry.

  • dodge roll, after dodging, your movement speed is increased by x%, stacks. maybe an enchant on legs?

  • block, whenever you successfully block the speed of your next ability is increased by xx% but it consumes 20% of maximum focus.

  • crafting, just like extracting a rune and thus destroying the item, there should be a “disenchant” option which allows us to destroy an item and get a scroll which has one of the 4 (on t3) enchants an item has. the disenchant costs not only gold, also certain mats, that way we can use up some of the mats that drop quite often that we never use. for example, I never use consumable mats since i rather heal up and dodge during combat. maybe give those another function in the game. applying that enchantment scroll requires the item to be at least the tier at which that mod can drop and it has to be the same base item (legs/chest/gloves) etc…

-cast speed, I know we have action speed but it seems to be not actually working. so having a way to make a faster casting build for spells would be lovely. maybe something like a buff that we can put on ourselves which increases cast speed for spells but those also consume some stamina then?

that’s it, i have probably forgotten some things but maybe this helps a bit.