Feedback and lifesaving tips after 30hours

Hello There,
I am writing this after journeying for now quite a while and intend on investing a whole lot more time in the near future. This post is here to share some life saving tips as well as share feedback from what I’ve experienced and what I am sure many encountered while playing.

Let’s get the lifehacks out of the way ;
-Trusty survival kit : Infinite healing, Repair and Travel back to town
-Fast leveling new characters for new builds

For the cheap price of 3faith (1 level), you get all of this! Make your way to Eleanor and buy yourself a white staff with 2 rune slots if you do not own any, and proceed to purchase the following runes : Repair and Return :

Repair : For 150Focus, you fan repair all your gears at any given time any given place, no more money wasted, no more running back to town after dying one too many times.

Return : Well, if you find yourself stuck out of bound or simply wanna quickly get back to town without running to the nearest Whisper (or do not wish to change your current whisper travel point), this spell takes you back to the Sacrament Whisper at the press of a button, well… 2.

on a 2nd staff : Heal Aura and Poise Armour
These little spells make for the perfect in between fights regeneration.

Heal Aura : I think the ratio is 50focus to 50HP, this build requires 3 points in Faith, so you have 155 focus to freely use after a fight. With Channel to sacrifice Health for focus, and Heal aura to put Focus into Health, you gain an infinite amount of healing outside fights. Well, you can try doing it mid fight, but the channelling is quite long.

Poise Armour : We all can use more Poise, feel free to use any other combat spell on this slot, but I just found this one to be most valuable.

Alt Characters : Do not use your XP potions! Stash them away in your community chest, you’ll see that at the end game, they tend to stack up quite easily, those 200 and 800XP potions go a long way for a new character. Allowing you to skip early levels and dig straight into a new build to finally try out this Legendary weapon you do not have the stats for.


There is some much needed quality of life features that should be added in order to avoid tragic accidents…

Confirmation Box

Before deleting a currently equipped item, or even any item with a toggle option in the setting, there should be a prompt warning you about your decision.
Same goes to abandoning Challenges/Bounties, I do not understand why abandoning them removes these tasks from the list, but since it does, this should be warned through a confirmation box. Many of us already wasted a weekly bounty through this mistake.

~Important irreversible decisions should never be one click away


Enchanting as it stands could use more ARPG features. I’m thinking Diablo here

First of all, the UI
It should be completely changed, as not seeing your item post enchantment without closing the tab is simply bad design. You should insert the gear to enhance in the “enhance window” by pressing it once, and after confirming, see the item now post enchantment. Aka, copy Diablo 4 honestly. They did a great job on the UI clarity, at least for that department.

Secondly, Stats Reroll
With how rare certain drops can be, right now, enchanting is scary. You sometime will render an item completely useless, this is part of any ARPG, and this risk should stay, however, you should be able to reroll at least one of the given attributes for extra cost, costing more currency as you reroll, once again, similarly to D4. Money is currently quite pointless once you’ve purchased an furnished your home, beyond buying food from the accumulating wealth made from the Crucible, rerolling an attribute would allow us to spend ressources in a meaningful way at the end game.

Fast Travel

Currently, the game being fairly limited in scope, walking around the world feels great through the use of this brilliant level design and use of shortcuts. However, some areas do not loop back and as the game will get bigger, I fear the distance one may need to travel to reach specific locations without expanding fast travelling. Perhaps there could be a way to introduce Major and Minor Whispers. Minor Whispers would function as they currently do, a one way to sacrament back and forth while Major Whispers could communicate with each others, allowing Major Whispers to be linked to one another. There could be one of those per Area, making these far off locations easier to appreciate and certain materials easier to gather… leading me to…

Where can I find Clay?

For such an important ressource that is required for all the T2 building expansions, once you yourself reach tier 2 gears, they seemingly stop spawning in dig sites, adding fixed clay spawns just as Trees and ores would go a long way into diminishing the frustration of the playerbase.

And that just about does it for me today, there are way more topics I could tackle, but those felt like the main major systems that actively took away enjoyment from an otherwise perfect experience.

A big shoutout to the dev team for the effort and love that went into crafting this world, it shows, and we’re right there with you. Let’s make No Rest For The Wicked the game we’ll all love to replay over and over again.

PS : Be careful about adding respec. To many souls player and ARPG enjoyers, replaying the game to try new builds is a goldmine of content and extra hours of enjoyment. Adding respec will take this away as most players will simply regear themselves. If you do add it, please make it quite hard to do, either by reaching a far point in the story, or making the item needed rare to obtain.

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