Feedback after playing EA (23 hours) and completing all current content.

My Background: Mostly play ARPGs Diablo 1 / Diablo 2 thousands of hours, D3 / D4 meh, PoE 8,000+ hours, WoW Vanilla – Warth 7,000 + hours, Last Epoch 800+ hours, never played a souls game. Mouse and Keyboard enjoyer.

This feedback incorporates fixes included up to Hotfix 3

Artwork / Sound / Voice Acting / Cinematics / Etc
• Fantastic 10/10. These teams should keep doing what they are doing.

Inventory / Storage
• There needs to be a way to easily sort items in your inventory or storage. The current Time, Type, Etc is not working for me (maybe a bug?)
• The same consumables sometimes do not stack, and you cannot combine without moving from inventory to a chest back to inventory. Ex. you can have a stack on food with 11 and another stack of the same food with 3 and you cannot auto combine them. The game should automatically do this.
• Add the ability to compare equipped items to the item you are viewing in your inventory (show them side by side) not just number goes up or down.
• When enchanting show the results, don’t just have the item disappear from the menu. If I was hunting for better gloves and had 5 to enchant, it would be nice to see results instead of having to either enchant all 5 or enchanting one by one, closing the menu with the vendor, opening my inventory, looking at the gloves, deciding I need to enchant again, open menu with vendor again, repeat.

Resources (Gathering, Tools, Building, Etc)
• Would be good if we could get a higher number of resources when going back to the older tier content. Ex. If I am using a level 3 pickaxe copper ore could roll between 3-4 instead of the normal 1-2 that normally rolls for T1.
• Tool durability since the hotfix is not noticeable. It was terrible prior to the hotfix, but now I do not notice it. If it isn’t noticeable then why even have durability? I am personally not a fan of durability on tools, but if it has to be there then make it meaningful.
• Tools should not be destroyed on reaching 0 durability, just make them unusable. If the devs want a pain point for letting your tool reach 0 durability, then make it cost almost as much as a new tool to repair.
• Stack limit of 20 should be increased, let’s see how 99 works. Might need to look at weight limits as well, if stacks go up, but in the beginning, we cannot carry anything due to weigh limits, then this is a bad solution.
• Make it easier to see how much of the resources we have in our storage. So when we are crafting or trying to build up the city or etc we don’t need to run to the community chest (prior to housing) or our own chests (after housing) to see what we have and what we need more of.
• Probably too big of an ask, but have resources, pull directly from storage when crafting or building up the city.

General QoL
• Need the ability to rebind keys for mouse and keyboard (prob controller as well). WASD and L-Shift and L-Ctrl and 1-4 is not comfortable to play with
• Add tooltips for when you view a rune, gem, skill, food recipe, weapon craft, etc. So the player can understand what the item does and then decide if it is beneficial to them.
o So also work in inventory
• Add tooltips for mouse and keyboard users to mouse over the buffs / debuffs under their health, runes when they are selecting 1-4, etc.
• Need the ability to respect points. I ran into wanting to try new weapons that I found, and I couldn’t since I didn’t have the attributes. Sometimes these items were big upgrades, but it would take 4-6 levels to get the points needed. Mid game I was Dex and wanted to try a 2H sword that required Str, took 6 or so levels to be able to try it.
o You can make it gold sink. Low at the start, high at end game. Can make the cost scale as you respect (per day, per week, per char). Can make it cost some new resource. However, the devs want to approach this, but it needs to be there.
• Don’t make us pick between unlocking +5 resource inventory space and a 2nd ring slot. That is the wrong type of tension. With the current resources, inventory, storage, etc you want to unlock inventory space, but to progress your char and make yourself feel stronger you want to increase your ring slot or have an offhand weapon.
o Can group weapons, rings, offhand, etc and then group inventory space, tools, etc. Devs can lower the 5 spots to 3 or something, but you get a choice of something to make your char grow in power and you get some space (resource, consumable, tool, etc) at the same time.
• Resting at the Inn and my own house for more than 4+ hours doesn’t do anything for me. (Maybe a bug?)
• Challenges / Bounties:
o Let us mouse over the rewards to see what they are. If the recipes are random, it would still be nice to see ‘random cooking or random crafting or etc’
o Need to confirm before abandoning and make it clear it disappears.
o Make the gathering quests either actual gathering quests (preferred) or make them deliver / turn in quests and reword the description to say deliver / turn in.
• The fall damage isn’t balanced. Falling from a mountain or cliff or 2nd floor etc, should kill your char. But sometimes falling a few steps or jumping off something and it appears you are falling a few feet, should damage you, not kill you. Some areas the balance is good some areas they seem overturned.
• Add the ability for mouse and keyboard to type in the number of items they want to cook for example. Instead of min / max and add / remove.
• Also why cannot we cook the max amount of food we have the materials for? Mine currently maxes out at 10, when they stack to 20? I would like the cap to be the amount your have materials for / space in inventory for. If devs don’t like that, it should at least be the stack size.
• Fast travel, I am not sure how big the map with be at launch or if devs are sticking to one point to travel between, but the current setup is slightly painful / annoying when trying to do challenges or bounties. You either have to keep changing your point or running back and forth. Doesn’t feel enjoyable. I want to fight enemies and explore new parts of the world, not backtrack and run back and forth between zones of dead enemies.
• At level 17, I was only dropping level 21 gear that I couldn’t use. Not sure if this is because of progression or something else. The gear should drop max 1 level above your char or be usable.

Thanks to the entire team behind No Rest for the Wicked. You have a great EA game that is going in an amazing direction. The response to feedback in the first few days and hotfixes have been great. Looking forward to seeing the continued improvements, content, etc to the game as you move closer to 1.0.